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Build interactive network maps in seconds.

Teleseer - How pros map networks

Teleseer makes cyberspace easy to see.

You deserve better

Handmade diagrams are a pain to draw and frustrating to share. Slide decks aren't much better. Still presenting on a spreadsheet or command-line?

You're spending lots of time reading thousands of words for what's worth a single picture.

Don't map your enterprise network on a whiteboard

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Teleseer will be launching Q4 2022, and you’ll be the first to know.

Teleseer - The future of network mapping

You'll need that extra monitor

Instant pivot between your tools and maps to see what's going on.

Do APTs know your network better?

The adversary's full-time job is to recon your network. No time for that? Teleseer maps everything out for you quick and easy. Already have a red team in-house? Now everyone can see the same picture so you can seize the home advantage together.

Stay ahead of your adversaries.
World class asset inventory. At your fingertips.

Cyber visibility

An asset inventory is just the start. You also need to see how they're connected. Good visibility gives you the right intel to make smart decisions faster.

Budget approved

Teleseer makes it easy to show and tell your boss what's happening. Brief at a glance. Watch the *aha* on their faces... Over and over.

See more. Better.

No more headaches reading endless logs. Kill alert fatigue by visualizing them instead. View multiple topologies on a single screen.

From Layer 1 and beyond...

Brain dump

Relax as you offload that network map in your head somewhere else.

You're welcome.

Happy cyber operator. Network secured.
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